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Why choose us Main features

Pet Sitters International Certified Professional Pet Sitter

PetTech® Certified in Pet CPR/First Aid

Specializing in
Senior/Special Needs Pet Care

All staff is trained in safely administering shots, medications, etc.

Fully Insured and Bonded

Insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas

Trained, Friendly and Trustworthy Staff

All employees undergo a yearly background check and ongoing training

What clients say Recent reviews

Thanks so much for the amazing care you gave Wall-E and Gizmo while we were gone!!! I hope to be using your services in the future. 
Melissa G.
During a time of need you were there and words of thanks could never be enough to express all you had done for me and Runt and Lilly. Without you I would of had to give them up. Thanks so much for the great care and love you had shown them. 
Tim H.